Friday, April 07, 2006

Built to Spill - You In Reverse

I just listened to Built to Spill's new album You in Reverse and I am very impressed. This is the band's first record since 2001's Ancient Melodies of the Future and in my opinion it is a pretty big step up. You in Reverse opens up with a track called "Goin' Against Your Mind", an epic 8:42 track that starts out with an almost prog-rock (in a good way) instrumental and then goes in to a verse, chorus, etc. The track finishes with a bang of noise and guitars and really sets the tone for this extremely guitar-heavy record. The record then slows down a bit for a few tracks including my favorite song on the record, "Liar." An indie-rock version of a power-ballad that finds singer Doug Martsch singing one of my favorites verses from the record "When things are all you think of, And plans are all you make, And thoughts are all you dream of, And falls are all you take, Look out, the world's destroyin' ya, Relax, it isn't fair, Mother Nature's disposition, She don't mind, she don't care, She don't mind, she don't care." While these lyrics maybe a little bit on the cheesy side, they really represent the more personal song writing found on this Built to Spill record. After a few slower tunes, the band heads into a 4 song block of tunes that lasts almost 25 minutes and shows off the bands Neil Young-esque jamming and some of Martsch's best guitar playing on any Built to Spill record to date. Like most Built to Spill albums, You in Reverse really wins the audience with its melodies and instrumentation. The album features 7 songs clocking in at 5:00 and over and many of the songs have a similar feel to the band's 1997 album Perfect from Now On but with catchier riffs and better guitar solos. The record on a whole reminds me of a perfectly calculated blend of my favorite Built to Spill record, 1999's Keep it Like a Secret, and the aforementioned Perfect from Now On. You in Reverse meshes catchy melodies, top notch guitar work, extended instrumentals sections, and personal, sometimes introspective lyrics, to create the bands best record in over 7 years. This a record where the band has gone back to their indie-rock roots while at the same time looking onward into the future. I think this record is going to really bring the band back out into the spotlight and show them for what they really are: one the last great major-label bands of our time. You in Reverse comes out April 11 on Warner Bros. records you can pre-order it here. Built to Spill will also be embarking on a massive, 62-date tour this summer, you can check that out here.


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