Tuesday, April 18, 2006


So I have been kind of lazy/busy (more on the lazy side) as of late and haven't had any substantial posts as of late. I am going to try to get things together this week with some reviews and whatnot.

Anyway some good news for NYC-ers. Belle and Sebastian is going to be playing Battery Park on July 4th afternoon for free, which rules, check out Brooklyn Vegan (on my links to the right) for full info about this free NYC concert series that has bunch of other free shows lined up including Ted Leo and The Pharmacists, The Hold Steady, and Dr. John...sick. Wilco is also rumored to be playing a show but the status of that show is unknown. Again check out Brooklyn Vegan for all that info.

In other news, I got a listen of the new Sonic Youth record Rather Ripped and its fucking awesome (althought I am sad to see Jim O'Rourke go) this is one of their most solid records too date, its far more acessable than a lot of their previous records, sort of in the vein of Sonic Nurse and is probably a bummer to reall Sonic Youth purists but I think its great, more info to come on that one. Maybe I will do a full review of that one sometime soon. Comes out sometime in June.

Also, I am doing a sort of informal paper for my music business course called "Why Today's Top 40 Music Blows" (this is a tentative title) and I'll post that tonight or tommorow when I finish it.

If you hadn't noticed, I figured out how to show what I am listening to (who knew I had to go through all that html code? there must be an easier way) so check out the records on the right under "heavy rotation" because they are all awesome and if you don't know what they are, I'll tell you, just ask. Also check out my last.fm (link on right) to show exactly what I am listening to, because chances are my taste in music is better than yours (I am totally kidding).

Thanks to Large Hearted Boy for putting my review of the Death Cab show on his blog, it got me like 550 hits today. Awesome! Check out that blog (again, in links) because it is awesome.

R.I.P. theindieconnection.com, a great site, and more importantly a site that I got a lot of referalls from...ha, so too bad.

Jack White's Coke add came out today. Its a cool song I guess, I don't know why it would make me want to drink more coke, but check it out. You Tube

Anyway thats about it, stay tuned for review of Sonic Youth's Rather Ripped (Awesome), The Raconteurs Broken Boy Soldier (hahahah so bad!) and my informal paper type thing on why top 40 music blows (hopefully awesome maybe not).

And as always with posts where I don't have any real picture to post here is a comic, this one is courtesy of Married to the Sea.


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